I Just Want To Jump Out The Motha@#$% Page !!!

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Faux Fur: Shila, Pants: Forever 21, Top: Grail, Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Alice and Olivia for Payless, Bag: Misc

This Faux Fur Poncho Piece is gorgeous, beautiful and cozy I LOVE IT!! Check out Forever 21 talking about Ponchos for this season.

Hello All,
Pretty random title for this post, I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I've been pondering about new topics and things I can feature and in which direction I want it to go. If I haven't said it enough before let me say it again I LOVE MY READERS! I believe you are all special and I appreciate you always checking in with me.

Often I get complimented on my hair and Make up thanks!, so I decided to make a YouTube channel. It's under construction and I'm not the best speaker in the world but I hope you all get a kick out of it. Sometimes when I google videos some look complicated, hopefully you will think mine are fun and easy. You can view the channel here and I have an Intro Video for you:

I will be having a picture up once a week in a section "What were they thinking". This will target fashion coming from everywhere. Movies, Red Carpets, Street Fashion, from absolutely everywhere so it should be funny and make you wonder.

I will randomly be posting up more Art and poetry and anything I find inspiring.

And lastly I will finally be accepting Sponsers for my Page. I had been contacted by a few people before but I felt I wasn't ready and I didn't have so much time to dedicate to my blog therefore it wouldn't have been fare to them. Help me keep this blog alive and healthy! I get a good number of hits and will be having decent rates so please email me at NubiasNonsense@gmail.com if interested.

I hope your all excited for these cool new changes, I know I am. I'm going to try to think of more creative additions as time passes. How was everyone's weekend so far? Talk to you soon.



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  1. All sounds like a good plan as long as I don't end up in "What were they thinking" -- evah!

  2. Gorgeous outfit and photos dear Nubia! Also, the video is fantastic... looking forward to the beauty tips.♥

  3. Wendy: Lmao No way Wendy! And I loved your leopard dress!!

    Gabbi: Thanks, I'm excited to share, Wish me luck!

  4. love love the faux fur poncho with your bag! So beautiful:)

    And I'm so excited for all the changes coming up<3 And a new youtube channel,that's so exciting. Can't wait for more videos to come! Ahhh

  5. congratulation on the new steps you are about taking for your blog - it's soooo exciting!!! and you looked so ravishing in those photos, xx

  6. Oooh you look so glamorous!
    Beauty and hair tips are a great idea, I'm so clueless with them - haha!

  7. Oh it definately looks cosy... it would be great for the swedish weather.. :) and also... u look gorgeous..

  8. Love the faux fur. It looks great! Can't wait to see all the new posts you'll have on you tube. I love how you do your hair and make up, so I can't wait to see tutorials!

  9. I love your faux fur! And good luck on all your new endeavours for the blog :D

  10. First, I just have to say that I adore your faux fur! It is to die for.

    Second...yay for making a YouTube channel! I will be tuning in! :)

  11. You look more than fab in fur!! Looking forward to all your changes:)

  12. Nubia:
    We support you and wish you well as you manage the transition of incorporating video and different topics to your site. Very exciting! :)

  13. Thank you all for the compliments and support =)

  14. omg you are so cute!!
    i love the coat, girl you look awesome
    love those pants too!!!


  15. that coat is amazing! you look stunning xx

  16. that's so cool you are doing a make-up page! i was just gonna say you have such amazing hair!! these are greta pics. i LOVE your fur. soooo beautiful!

  17. wow, the faux fur poncho is such a bold look and you pull it off so easily. looks great!


  18. wow i love your coat. Looks so cozy.

    have a great day!

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  19. love the vid! that poncho looks so comfy and gorgeous, i'm jealouusss! ;)

  20. You look so fierce! Love the outfit as always! And oh congratulations on getting sponsored! I'm a new reader here and I really love your blog :)

  21. Exciting plans, can't wait to read what you'll concoct for our pleasure!

    Your outfit rocks. I love the faux fur and the bag. Nice accenting!

  22. You look amazing. I love the shirt. I need some fur (fuax of course) in my life.

  23. those jeans fit you so well! and i love your shoes!!

  24. beautiful coat!

    Check out my giveaway,win a studded handbag!


  25. Fabulous! First you look so gorgeous in your photos! You look like one of those "Ladies who Lunch" who I see around NYC :)

    Also I can't wait to see your YouTube vids! I am planning on starting a YouTube channel soon too! So we will see how it goes!

  26. Sounds like some fabulous changes are in store! Your red pout is killer!

  27. Wow!!! This outfit is amazing!!! I luv everything together!!!!! Luv ur style : ) Hope u have an amazing day! xxx

  28. the fur is intense!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  29. That is exciting, Nubia!
    Looking forward to your videos, you are such a doll.
    And I love the faux fur - it's fabulous!

  30. Oooo looking forward to seeing more of your youtube channel! Exciting changes!

    That poncho is devine - I love it! Looks so cosy! :) x

  31. Thanks for your comment!

    You have a lovely blog.

    Ale .

  32. Love your clutch!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  33. I'm so excited your all looking forward to reading, Thank you so much for your support!

    xO Nubia xO

  34. wonderful lip color on you! and that poncho is to die for.

    my camera is a canon rebel xs. its my first "big time" camera and i really love it! a lot of people have mentioned a nikon being awesome too. let me know when you get a new one and how you like it!!

  35. I LOVE that big fur shawl! That is a totally essential piece!

  36. Loooooooooove the jacket! And can't wait to see your youtube videos, that's so cool you're starting a channel!


  37. Gorgeous fur coat! You look like a movie star. You are so pretty!

  38. Amazing coat! It is funny that you are wearing it with sandals.

    B* a la Moda

  39. love your ideas for new features! just nominated your lovely blog for an award :) check out my newest post!



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