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Faux Fur: Shila, Pants: Forever 21, Top: Grail, Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: Alice and Olivia for Payless, Bag: Misc

This Faux Fur Poncho Piece is gorgeous, beautiful and cozy I LOVE IT!! Check out Forever 21 talking about Ponchos for this season.

Hello All,
Pretty random title for this post, I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately. I've been pondering about new topics and things I can feature and in which direction I want it to go. If I haven't said it enough before let me say it again I LOVE MY READERS! I believe you are all special and I appreciate you always checking in with me.

Often I get complimented on my hair and Make up thanks!, so I decided to make a YouTube channel. It's under construction and I'm not the best speaker in the world but I hope you all get a kick out of it. Sometimes when I google videos some look complicated, hopefully you will think mine are fun and easy. You can view the channel here and I have an Intro Video for you:

I will be having a picture up once a week in a section "What were they thinking". This will target fashion coming from everywhere. Movies, Red Carpets, Street Fashion, from absolutely everywhere so it should be funny and make you wonder.

I will randomly be posting up more Art and poetry and anything I find inspiring.

And lastly I will finally be accepting Sponsers for my Page. I had been contacted by a few people before but I felt I wasn't ready and I didn't have so much time to dedicate to my blog therefore it wouldn't have been fare to them. Help me keep this blog alive and healthy! I get a good number of hits and will be having decent rates so please email me at NubiasNonsense@gmail.com if interested.

I hope your all excited for these cool new changes, I know I am. I'm going to try to think of more creative additions as time passes. How was everyone's weekend so far? Talk to you soon.



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