What Were They Thinking??? (WWTT)

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A bit of a random post for my blog

A. Because I don't put up much "Men's Fashion"
B. Because it's about wrestlers lol

I'm probably touching on this topic because I grew up with two older brothers and You get forced to watch what they do when they don't let you change the channel =( .
I haven't really researched this but I'm guessing like in any other business/industry they have someone put together these men's costumes. I am really wondering who put some of these together and what the hell were they thinking!!

Here are a few examples I was able to put together while doing a quick search and these are from the 90's.

The Ultimate Warrior

I think streamers must have been a big part of the 90's for these gentlemen they were everywhere!! Hanging off Arms, boots, underwear and I don't even want to know where else.

Ravishing Rick Rude

I'm just speechless hahah really?

Macho Man Randy Savage

I wouldn't even know where to begin with this one. It's just too much.

Sean Michael's The Heartbreak Kid
I guess the fact that there are little circular mirrors stuck all over his outfit is because "He's just a sexy boy"

Ric Flair
Some might know him as the King of all robes, Hugh Hefner ain't got nothing on him. The embellishments on all his robe are might just be endless.

What do you think? Have you ever been totally in love with costumes or hated them?

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  1. Wow. These bring back memories. I watched wrestling so much when I was growing up. Many of the wrestlers had some out of this world costumes.

  2. Just got some massive 80's flashbacks!! Such fun... wonder who designs they're wear?

  3. Oh dear!
    Feathers are not something I would usually associate with wrestlers!

  4. Haha. I have an older brother as well and I used to be forced to watch Wrestling as well. But: OMG: These outfits are awful, lol!

  5. Wow, I agree, Lol, good post : ) Hope u are having a good week xx

  6. hahaha!! These are hilarious and awesome!
    Also, in case you didn't see, one of those award on my blog is for you! The "divine" one. :)

  7. This post made my day. I love it when people have such a good sense of humor. :)

  8. Wrestlers wear the oddest outfits. Love the ones you've featured here - these may be the cream of the crop of weirdness! :)

  9. OHMYGOD!!!!! this is beyond ridiculous. lol

  10. lol I'm glad I brought back flashbacks to a view of you. Sure made me laugh finding some of these. Theres muchhhhhhh More where these came from

  11. hahahaha oh my.. funny! Anyways keep the good work doing. REALLY A COOL BLOG!

  12. lmaoooo... all i can think of is three letters: W T F.

  13. hahaha these pictures are HILARIOUS. so good.


  14. oh i have been to that bar the last time i was in ny. very dark, which i love. i went to the restaurant buddakan too, is it still open?

  15. i'm beginning to think wrestlers are the ultimate divas.

    p.s. is it ever ok to get someone's face screen printed on the crotch of your spandex?

  16. Hi, there -- thanks for tweeting my giveaway! Awesome blog!

  17. Hey there

    lol no I-zilla I dont think its ever ok!!

    Melissa blake: No problem =)

  18. Oh my.. i dont want to sound offending but its just 'Ughh', not my kind of interest :D LOL!! What were they thinking, to even get dressed in such a horrendous way! They are for my boyfriend though. i still don't see the beauty of dressing up like this.. Thanks for the sharing anyway..


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