Drive My Soul

by - 10:56 PM

You all have to excuse me, I love blogging but I've been all over the place lately. Over the weekend I went to Philadelphia.

I went to check out some stores and stopped by the Canadian singer "Lights" show. I really enjoy her music its awesome synthesized pop. If you haven't you should check it out.

I felt like being really comfortable, so I wore Cowboy boots purchased from a boutique near my home , A plaid shirt and a skirt which were a gift, knee highs from Forever 21, some DIY ripped stockings, Belt from Strawberry's, Purse from Beverley Boutique.
I was dying to take this specific picture but couldn't get it so I'm going to describe it to you. I saw six people all next to each other and they weren't even all together, they all had skinny jeans with keys hanging from the side. Seriously is this a new trend? I haven't been to a show in a while maybe its music attire? I kept seeing it all around the venue. There was a nice crowd as well.

I had a really nice time and enjoyed some drinks with my girlfriends. I will be blogging more after this week I promise!!! I have so much I want to share. Here is one of my Favorite Lights songs "You Drive My Soul" Enjoy!

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