Update: gla.MAR.ous Giveaway

by - 4:12 PM


Good news to all entry bloggers on NubiasNonsense first giveaway! I am happy and delighted to be part of such a talented, dedicated, and generous company. To celebrate my FIRST giveaway on Nubiasnonsense the gla.MAR.ous team has decided that YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

Be ready to see your Pamela Zipper Headband in the mail in about 2 weeks.

I am sure you are all going to be thrilled with the variety of ways you can wear this. We would love to hear your feedback, feel free to email me or send pictures to Nubiasnonsense@gmail.com and I would Happily post them.

Thank you all for participating you always make my day! I will be emailing you all shortly.

-Nubia from NubiasNonsense
-The gla.MAR.ous Team

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