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The lovely Kelly from Lions, Tigers, and Fashion Oh My has tagged me this award:

Thanks so much! The rules are I have to pass it down to 12 bloggers which is so hard considering the massive amounts of great blogs I read frequently. I'd like to pass it down to these great individuals who inspire me daily.

Dream Sequins
We Were Damsels
Leproust Vintage
The Sydney Girl
Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog
Roll Up Your Sleeve
Owl vs Dove
Extra Dressing On.The.Side
Quin At The Disco
The Anthology
Cosmi Caroline

Deanne from Dream Sequins has an amazing blog, seriously I enjoy reading it everyday it's extremely interesting and shes always discovering new things. She presented me with this award

I'd like to pass it down to the following bloggers:
Lions Tigers and Fashion Oh My
Fashion Chalet
District of Chic
Clothed Much
Style and Beyond

You are all awesome! Thanks.



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