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I'm going out to dinner with a few girlfriends tonight and wanted to make this post before I leave.

Wearing gla.MAR.ous Zipper Headband, Miley/Max Azria leggings, Alice and Olivia Heels, New York and Company purse, and a long hoodie from a random boutique

I'm not sure If all of you watch Gossip Girl But when Dan told Blair to lose the headband in this week's episode he was TOTALLY OFF! I personally feel and I'm sure most of you can agree that a headband or any sort of head apparel can make an outfit. I can probably wear an all black outfit with a huge black bow on a head and WA LA! Fierce

Head apparel was a big part of New York Fashion week. Here are a few examples out of many you can find

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Betsey Johnson
Alexander Wang
Twenty8Twelve from London Fashion Week

I incorporated my boyfriends Jade necklace into my outfit today. I like wearing it because its one of his family treasures so it makes me feel special =).

I've seen in a few Magazines and in an article of Who What Wear that you can see here Jade nails. I think there really something different from the usual darker colors a lot of us slowly transition to for fall. I'm definitely going to try this out.

Chanel has the pink jade as well but I'm going for the green.

Another Item I like for Fall are long cloaks/long sweaters, sort of like the long hoodie I'm wearing above. I guess we're all still going through Vampire Mania even though most of the Hot modern ones don't wear cloaks only Dracula does but I still like them a lot.


OO and Thank you to Maria from Chicisimo for featuring me on her site. If you aren't familiar with Chicisimo check it out there pretty great.

And P.S to those of you who have received your gla.MAR.ous headbands thanks for your thank you letters they make me smile, I would love to keep hearing your feedback or seeing pictures.

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