Dancing with Shadows

by - 5:39 PM

Sometimes days are all about enjoying who you're spending them with, your scenery, or even what your wearing. Those of you who frequent my blog probably know I have a deep affection for vintage clothing.

I was in Manhattan then Brooklyn with a close friend. I went on a little thrift adventure at Beacons Closet and for the first time nothing in the store drove me crazy to my surprise, but I will be back shortly. For lunch I ate at my favorite Thai place "Sea", there Lunch menu is such a steal! If you are in Brooklyn you have to stop by it's delicious and gorgeous. I wanted to go to Buffalo Exchange but sort of had a headache so I headed back to Queens.

I cherish this sleeve with it's eyelet detail.

Dress:Vintage, Sandals:Forever 21, Purse:Passed down from Mother
These flowers look so delicate floating in Sea's little peaceful pool.

I'd like to also mention a lot of you have been asking how to follow my blog, so sorry if I made it difficult I'm so clumsy and forgetful. I have now added my Google Friend Connect on my sidebar under my Twitter logo. I never really used it so I look forward to seeing who follows me and I would love to follow you back. You can also follow me on Bloglovin.
Finally I'd also like to thank Ela from Extra Dressing On.the.Side for giving me this blog award. I pride myself in saying "I give good blog!" no shame in that ha ha. I want to pass it down to the following talented bloggers Style Symmetry, Style Amor, Look Ugly In A Photograph, Deep In Vogue.


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