Oh Happy Days!

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Today was a rather enlightening and inspiring day!

One of the professors in the college I attended for Fashion Merchandising showed his Art work on 34th and Park today. I believe Stacy Stewart Smith is very talented and profound. Here is a small summary of his series Resurrection which is a take on different views from the Eiffel Tower.

"Because I am a painter of both real and imagined things, I have the tendency to work in series and my current theme is entitled "Resurrection.” The theme is not only about the process of the mix between abstract and real but is concerned with the presence of human reaction to the emotion associated with enigmatic personal experiences. Those private moments when things seem above and beyond human understanding are the ones we either tell or keep a secret. This depends upon who experiences them, for some will tell immediately and believe wholeheartedly in the supernatural, while others will dismiss not only their experiences but the tales of even their most trusted confidants. Resurrection is about being transformed spiritually from one place or thought to another physically. Through this series I challenged myself to be relieved and lifted from the concepts of my mentors, the dependence upon former means of employment and a return to love of myself, my God and my craft. Why Resurrection? I journeyed here because it is the meaning of my name. Stacy is a derivation of the Greek name Anastasios, which means resurrection, able to live again and abounding with life. I am a child named resurrection. "

These were some of my favorite pieces and I love the way he played around with pixels in his collection.

He used the ear in various paintings and when asked why he answered

"because it the human organ that controls the most venerable sensory mode: hearing." Hearing always reveals an immediate human reaction. When we hear something we immediate reveal the truth within. Our mood is changed. With hearing we blush and feel love or envy or even anger"

I have to be honest I never really thought about it in such a light before and he's absolutely right. He also had personal advice for me and my two friends about how to progress in what we love and about how you have to stay strong and be persistent. Words that will always be appreciated and in my train of thought.

After I went to St. Marks and had Sushi, Sashimi, and shared a pitcher of Sapporo beer with my girlfriends.

When I got home I was delighted to see these two awards I was given by Dream Sequins. If you haven't read her blog its a must read. She has a great eye for emerging designers and her whole blog is just oozing with inspiration and things to look forward to.

I know for the 2nd Award I'm suppose to say 10 things about me so here we go...

*I am obsessed with clothing(but you already knew that didn't you?) not necessarily designers in the spotlight, I LOVE D.I.Y projects and vintage+thrift= <3>

*I really, really like sushi and bubble tea, I live in Queens, NY its all over the place

*During my teenage years I did a lot of spoken word poetry and enjoyed preforming in places like the Bowery Cafe and the Nuyorican.

*My memory is HORRIBLE! its a terrifying thing.

*When I get really mad my eyebrows start to vibrate.

*I probably watch lifetime everyday.

*I currently have 4 tattoos.

*My boyfriend is Taiwanese and Greek.

*My Mp3 player is mostly composed of music from the 60's and 80's.

*Writing on my blog puts a big Kool-Aid Smile on my face :-D

(Oh and in case your wondering that's Cowboy Bebop in the background of my picture, anime and comics amuse me. That's a freebie)

P.S I'd like to thank anyone who goes out of their way by letting me know what they think, it makes my day extra special.

xo Nubia

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  1. Hi there :)
    I've just discovered your fabulous blog - and cannot belive what I've missed before!!! AWESOME!
    Will safe it immediately. Thanks for following me on my first stept at Twitter :) It's still very new to me, I'm following you, too, now!!
    Thanks for sharing these very interesting and colorful paintings. I've never heard of the artist before. The idea of including an ear and the explanation behind is making a lot of sense to me, too. To hear is maybe a more important sense (under social aspects) than the other. Anyway, I wouldn't miss any senses at all....
    Will keep visiting! Wishing you a great Sunday!
    xoxo, Sofie

  2. ps. and CONGRATS to your awards!!! :-D

  3. amazing art pieces!! LOOVE SUSHI!!!

    congrats on the awards :)


  4. hmmm if i might ask where in st marks did you go for sushi and was it really good ?

  5. modediktat: Thanks so much your very kind, I'll add you aswell =)

    Styleand beyond: Sashimi is great to!

    Damsels: Its a cool place and it was realy good called Je'Bon


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