A Little Random

by - 2:19 PM

I read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold years ago in high school and it was always one of my favorite reads. Back then there was always rumors it would be turned into a movie but it just kept getting pushed back all the time.

The stories about a teenage girl who goes off with a neighbor thinking he can do no harm because he isn't a stranger. After being raped and murdered she watches from heaven as her family and even her crush moves on with there lives while she tries to deal with the fact shes dead.

Its really amazingly written and the details and events Alice Sebold puts into this novel are really something worth reading and watching, it was an instant best seller. Hopefully the movie can live up to the book.

Another reason I am so amped is because Peter Jackson is doing the film and I seriously believe Peter Jackson is incapable of making a bad movie. Not to mention Mark Wahlberg is starring in the movie and hes an exceptional actor who really pours himself into his roles. You know Marky Mark <3

Enjoy the trailer!

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