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I get complimented on my makeup very often which I would like to thank people for. I'm really not any sort of professional,l I just end up winging most of it and luckily it comes out pretty well. I wanted to share with you my most basic daily make up choices.

Let me introduce you to my Betsey Johnson clutch which I converted into a make-up bag. It is full of wonderful things really, but the most important ones for me are the ones shown above.

In this picture you will be able to spot:
Mascara: Almay
Eye Shadow: Lancome
Brow Set: MAC
Bronzer: Bare Mineral
Creme Eyeliner: Wet n Wild
Liquid Eyeliner: Loreal
And a big Bare Minerals brush as well as a small MAC angle brush.

I work mostly on my eyes more then anything else. I like this Mascara for anyone with brown eyes, it makes them pop. My trick with Mascara is I just keep playing around with it from side to side and up and down also I apply it twice.

For eye shadows I mostly Keep it neutral unless I'm going somewhere special. On my regular days you will catch me with very light white shades or baby pink. Apply like eye shadows around the inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes pop.

The Mac brow set I really like a lot. I'm not a big fan of using pencils and this saves me the trouble of dying my eyebrows all the times. It wasn't used in these pictures but you can see an example from this old post here.

I really don't use bronzer every day but the Bare Minerals one is really good for your skin and I recommend it. I was told you can even sleep with it, even though I don't do that either but you get the point.

The Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner I just discovered recently as well and it really does the job! Trust me, I use to use the one from MAC and I decided to try this one and I can honestly say it works just as well for me. I like this better then the pencil because for me this last all day. It also saves you a lot of money compared to MAC and is just as good in quality. *also comes with mini brush*

Liquid eyeliner does me justice because it does not smudge like pencil and last all day. I like this specific one because of the sponge tip it brings which makes it easier to handle for me. If you like liquid eyeliner the one from Sephora is pretty good and very affordable.

I like to Use the MAC angle brush for dramatic effects under my eye that I like to do often. I find some brushes are to thin and don't spread the color very well, this one is a winner. The Bare Mineral ones spreads the bronzer very well also unlike some cheaper brushes I tried. **MAKE SURE TO CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES OFTEN ITS IMPORTANT!!**

I'm trying to work on a video once I get better quality for recording. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I use all sorts of brands and have plenty of suggestions.


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