Wear A Mask! Be Mysterious

by - 12:38 AM

I was watching a YouTube video of Valentino Fall 2009/10 and besides noticing the majority of his line was sexy mini black dresses the looked FAB! I also noticed all the Mask the models were wearing.

Something about covering the eyes I think has always created a mysterious and appealing illusion. I spotted this picture of Lady GaGa out and about this week showing off this:

Shes always so daring, I love it! I actually feel she makes it look graceful. I think she had a lot of influence on the runway this year. Looking different isn't a horrible thing I think more people should push limits and be fashion forward. I would sport one of these to an event, it wouldn't have to be a masquerade. It takes one person to start a movement, In Japan they use all sorts of mask so frequently. So I was wondering would sport one? The ones on the runway are a tad exaggerated but I think the Lady GaGa one is fine or some I've seen out in stores.

Check out this lace one Audrey Hepburn wore in her movie: How To Steal A Million

Or would you just wear a cat over your head? ha ha

Enjoy the Valentino Video

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