Make a Helpful Purchase.

by - 3:11 PM

Within the last few days I passed by The Body Shop. I haven't been there for some time and I was in the mood for one of there great little lip butters. I have always been a fan of there lip butter because they leave your lips feeling very soft and have a great fruit smell! like real fruit not artificial.

Getting back to the point I was delighted and impressed when I stumbled upon a lip butter that had a different cover "YES YES YES! OUI OUI OUI!". The Body Shop and MTV have come together to Donate to "The Staying Alive Foundation".
I was talking to the sales girl and I asked her if she knew exactly how much was donated from each individual sale. She responded " The lip butter cost $8 dollars and $5 dollars is donating to fighting AIDS AND HIV.

When I walked out the store I really felt like I helped, ANYTHING HELPS. I believe people should help one another in whichever way they can. Every day 3,000 teens get infected with HIV or AIDS. Help raise the immense awareness that so many individuals don't have.
You can be involved just by buying one of these lip butters.
To read more about "The Staying Alive Foundation" click here

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