The Row

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The New York Times once declared Mary Kate Olsen a fashion icon for popularizing the "homeless" Boho-Chic Look.

Shortly after Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen started a clothing line named "Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls". This is targeted to girls from ages 4-14 and can be found in Wal Mart. I was never a fan of this line, honestly I thought it was a little dull.

I Actually think I can really get into there higher end Couture line "The Row" named after the famous Savile Row of London.

Ashley Olsen looks great and fierce in this spread she did for V MAN while wearing a brown wig and stripped down to her bra yet not to revealing. I love the message these pictures give out they are hot!!

Ashley partners with her sister on this line but she confesses that she takes care of most of it while her sister still focuses more on acting.

The Row is simple,chic and gives off a Sex And The City vibe to me.

Here are some of Ashley's pictures.


P.S The Row also has a line named after there siblings Elizabeth and James.

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