6 Gifts For Your Bloody, Horror Loving Valentine.

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Hey Nubians, 


Do you date or are you married to a Sci-Fi / Horror Freak & Geek? I love a good or classic horror movie. I say "or classic" because let's face it, some of them suck but we love them anyway. I believe horror memorabilia make great Valentine's Day gifts! Why you ask? Because horror, just like love, allows us to release some of our most intimate, vulnerable feelings. In addition, you always want to kill people you love one way or another... get real. Enjoy this horror gift guide and get freaky this Valentine's Day. 

1) Horror Valentines Cards by Marty McEwen.

Who said your favorite slashers don't have a cute side? Quirky and adorable. In the words of Marty McEwen, "Get yourself laid this year, with the gift that truly says "I Love You"

This Set comes with 7 cards which are 4''x6'', that can easily be framed. Printed on classic Eggshell Cover, to have a vintage look. 

There are 3 sets available! See them all HERE

2) Stranger Things Valentines Day Gift Basket

Strangers Things on Netflix probably won over most peoples heart I know last year. This is such a fun and unique gift by Etsy shop BeautifulCarcass. In this Stranger Things themed basket, you'll receive: 

-Formula No. 11 Dearly Departed Lotion
-Coffee & Contemplation Wake Up Facial Scrub
-Eulogy Foot Soak Lavender Herb & Eucalyptus
-Jane's Revenge Sore Nose Balm
-Good Grief Vanilla Lip Sugar Scrub
-REDRUM Natural Lip Tint

Turn someone's world UPSIDE DOWN this Valentine's Day with our ode to Stranger Things gift basket: My Strange Valentine. Do you have a special Eleven in your life? Treat her to handcrafted organic skin & lip care products. We've included some choice products to help with the stress of telekinetic powers, secret government agencies, a carnivorous alternate dimension, and young love. <3

BONUS Included (upon request): A bottle of beads and string to make a bracelet- 80's style!

See more and shop HERE.

3) The Lovers Coffin Print on Wood by Yosiell Lorenzo

"Even in the afterlife the lovers are still bound to each other." This is a gorgeous piece of art on wood by 
Yosiell Lorenzo. I first saw Yosiell Lorenzo's work because my brother, Daniel, owns one of his A Clockwork Orange pieces. I like his art and his own characters he's created because they always have the perfect balance of beauty and tragedy. His characters look simply adorable but you can see such feeling in their eyes...grief...sadness...loss... I think that's special and I can personally relate to lost eyes. One of the things I enjoy the most on from this The Lovers Coffin Print on Wood is that they seem to be reaching for the heart as well as each other. I would love this as a gift. See more of Yosiell's work and shop HERE

4) Freddy Kreuger Inspired Panties. 

I mean, do I even have to say anything? These speak for themselves. Sure granted Kreuger's backstory some might find this a bit creepier than usual... but it's a movie lighten up! Wes Craven was brilliant. Freddy was my first horror love... years later I think maybe Michael Myers beat him out... maybe it's tied, I'm not sure. Anyway, these are amazing and have great reviews. I've always loved Freddy's humor. Now go shake your ass in these!

"I made these suckers for the slightly demented at heart, Freddy Kreuger inspired panties from a custom printed slinky knit Freddy print back with black knit body an black trim."

Shop for your loved one at TheGeekGarden HERE

5) The Bride of Chucky Pixel Frame. 
Who doesn't love a little Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany? Great couple banter. I love pixel art from my Nintendo day's and honestly, I find this little frame charming. I remember watching Child's Play when I was younger and seeing Chucky evolve over the years has been fun. Chuckster and Tiffany are totally couple goals.

This is a handmade picture frame featuring Etsy shop owner 'BurritoPrincess' original pixel art. You will fall in love with her store. Shop and see more HERE.

6) Michael Myers Quote Bracelet. 

I am a big 'Halloween' film fanatic and I truly love the simplicity of this bracelet. I also appreciate the fact that they're no characters on it. It's almost like a secret of sorts... only true fans will know. Michael Myers is a legend and I can't wait to see the new Halloween film this year... Do you think they'll kill Michael for good? Nah. 

"Dr. Loomis: Yes, I am, uh... I met him fifteen years ago. I was told there was nothing left. No reason, no, uh, conscience, no understanding and even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face, and the blackest eyes, the devil's eyes. I spent eight years trying to reach him and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply...evil."

Wouldn't hurt to have a horror movie marathon this Valentine's Day either. Makes good cuddle time. 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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