New Green & Purple Hair Using Pravana, Adore & Sparks Color.

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Hey Nubians, 

Change is fun!

Recently I decided I needed to do something different with my hair color, hair cut, and hair style. I let it grow out for quite some time in an effort to let it get a bit healthier since it's been bleached often and was starting to get too dry. I'm going to start using hair masque more often for that issue. But anyway, I definitely needed something new... a nice change. I'm sure you get that feeling, right? When it starts to feel imperative. Even though my hair kept growing and I kept changing colors, it still felt the same for some reason. 

Sometimes small changes can go a long way. Not only did I decide to get it cut, I decided to get bangs! I haven't had bangs in over 10 years! It took about 3 days for them to grow on my but now I love them!

My hair was pretty faded already. I had Aveda color and Ion color on it before... the other half was just a dark brown. Even since I did my Wonder Woman Two-Face cosplay at New York Comic Con, I've kept the each half different colors look. This time I had a different muse for inspiration too. 

What Was Used
My good friend Kaori did my hair. If you want something fun and you're in NY, you should reach out to her! She used Pravana, Adore, and Sparks Products. You can see the names of the hair dye below. 

And then...

TAH-DAH! I love it. It's exactly what I needed right now. The photo below is unfiltered and under natural light. 

It still has a bit of Batman's Harvey Dent/Two-Face inspiration, but we can all agree the color scheme is kind of based on The Joker right? Hooray!

The photo below has a bit of a filter on it but the colors are almost exactly how they look. You can also totally tell I'm starting to feel my new look. 

I also really enjoy how the bangs look with a messy top know. It's perfect. 

If you guys have any questions feel free to reach out! 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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