Happy Birthday Oscar The Grouch!

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What is Garbage Anyway? 

Happy Birthday to Sesame's Street biggest Grouch, Oscar! 

Oscar the Grouch is 48 years old. Crazy right? Grouchy looks good on him. Oscar first appeared on the children's series 'Sesame Street' November 10, 1969.

The first year Oscar was introduced on Sesame Street he was orange! Jim Henson didn't like the way the cameras captured the orange color, hence he decided to make Oscar green for season 2. Oscar explained this on the show by saying: 

"Most of the family was orange. But I had a lovely vacation in Swamp Mushy Muddy resort. It was so dark and dreary I kind of turned green. It's mostly moss. I like it — it goes with my eyes. I accidentally took a bath once, turned orange again and washed all the moss off, so I went right back to Swamp Mushy Muddy, and here I am." 

Legends say he doesn't like to take baths or shower in order to maintain his green color. 

I've always liked the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure". Just because you're done using something doesn't mean it's done serving it's purpose or that it's lost its value. Oscar might be grouchy but considering he lives in a trash can, I think he's rather optimistic. People take too much for granted these days. In that sense, I like what Oscar The Grouch visually represents. He's ok living with all of these second hands items and his favorite saying is "I Love Trash". Sure he's grouchy... we all have our days. I like to think he's realistic and is capable of having heart-warming moments too.

I hope you're rolling in a trash can somewhere being your grouchy self, having the time of your life sipping on a sewer martini. 

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