Five Points Festival - Designer Toys, Comics, Art, & Food Roundup

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Hey Nubians, 

Remember when I talked about The Five Points Festival? A designer toy and comic convention presented by Clutter Magazine and Midtown Comics that took place last month at Pier 36? I sent my good friend Dane Smith to cover the event by taking some photographs and it looked like such a great time! I was so bummed I couldn't personally make it but I'm looking forward to attending next years in 2018.

Beginnings Are Magical... 

Though I do love conventions such as New York Comic Con and I attend them religiously, it's nice to find something new that focuses more on craft such as art, comics, toys, beer & more without involving big time TV shows or celebrities which completely alters the focus and attendees of conventions. This makes it more enjoyable for you and also focuses more on celebrating the creators which put so much blood, sweat, & tears into their work. 

A lot of my friends that attended the show said they were happy with the fact they could take enough time to walk around without feeling rushed or having some kind of panic attack or feel claustrophobic. They had a chance to truly talk to artists and people who were running booths and spark up good conversations, get inspired, and build relationships. You get to focus more on the culture and what's behind the work! That's the beauty of attending a convention like this. You get to have fun and it feels more personal. I remember having this feeling at other conventions but due to movie studios, premieres, long lines, celebrities, etc... they might have gained a lot... but they lost something special to many of us too. 

With big names such as Huck Gee, Kidrobot, James Groman, Jason Freeny, Ron English of Popaganda, Simone Legno of Tokidoki, Super7, Tara McPherson, Annie Wu, Bryan Lee O’Malley and Mighty Jaxx on the show floor AND food trucks and beer... how could you not have a great time?

Below enjoy some photos from the convention. Keep an eye for the Five Points Festival coming back 2018 even better I'm sure. Cheers!

I know so many guys that would LOVE these ties! There seemed to be a good amount of clothing and accessories for geeky. fashion lovers

Did you have your eyes on that Bob's Burger work of art too? #swoon SpitFireLabs NYC has some great stuff.

These DIY Model kits from Boundless Brooklyn look like they would be fun to build and would make some cool and unique home decor. 


It wouldn't quite be a con without a little cosplay and character homage. We have some DC comics fans in the house. 

You know my inner Colombian would have loved to try some empanadas!

I'm so upset I couldn't try out the Lagunitas Beer Garden! They're one of my favorite beer companies. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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