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Hey Nubians!

Rachel Antonoff has been dropping a lot of teasers on the new Betty and Veronica fashion collection she's been designing for Archie Comics. I think she's a fantastic pick for the designer.  Needless to say I'm utterly excited but a bit concerned at the same time about the collection. I'm only concerned because I'm a fan of the comics and of their style which has mainly always ranged from a 50s pinup girl to a 70s chick rocking bell-bottoms. . I read that Antonoff was also a fan of the comics at a young age so this puts my mind at ease a bit, I'm sure she'll honor the characters. There was always a lot of fun prints, sweaters, cardigans, varsity jackets, form fitting dresses, headbands, high-waisted skirts & jeans plus much, much more.

If you haven't read the comics before, this would be a good time to pick one up. Betty and Veronica are the best frenemies out there and might have one of the longest love triangles in history. They're always fighting for Archie's love which seems a little silly and perhaps doesn't send the best message to women BUT it does make for some fun comedy and a cool comicbook that many people love. Plus let's get real, girls fight over guys all the time, it's real life!

According to Racked, The Rachel Antonoff collection will launch this Fall online and it's going to be a full blown collection. By Spring, the collection will offer 80 pieces priced from $78 to $398 all inspired from the comics. They also mention the collection is meant to evoke what Betty and Veronica might wear in 2016... That sort of scares me a bit because I'm kind of obsessed with the trends they were rocking in the comics. Luckily a lot of those fashion trends are on their way back this Fall 2016 so it should all work out *fingers crossed*. 

Below see a mix of Rachel Antonoff clothing and vision board sneak peeks I pulled from her instagram and a few comic clips from Archie Comics Betty and Veronica themselves to serve your stylish soul.

Patches and embroideries have been everywhere lately!

I'm sure you're going to see many girlfriends rocking these. I might have to buy them for me and my biff. 

Also get excited for RIVERDALE a TV series that will be airing on The CW soon. You can see more details HERE. I hear it's going to be a mix of Twin Peaks and Gossip Girl. It definitely has potential to be a great show if the characters are like the ones from the comicbooks. I hope it doesn't get ruined. 

Lastly there has also been a new Betty And Veronica #1 comicbook out too! It's such an exciting year for long time Archie fans. Watch Adam Hughes talk about the latest Archie Comics reboot in the video below. He mentions how Betty and Veronica are the starts of the book and how the boys such as Archie and Jughead take a backseat and are just supporting characters in the story. 

Are you an Archie Comics Fan? What do you think about all of the recent changes? Cheers!

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