Comic, Art, And Day of the Dead Decor with 'The Dead Flux'.

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Hey Nubians,

"Home Is Where The Heart Is."

I love art, fashion, comics, and pop culture. If you ever visit my home, you'll find little traces of my interest laying around or on the walls. You might find an X-Men action figure or 2 on my TV stand, a poster from an artist I like in my bedroom or living room, comics books, fashion magazines or novels decorating tables, etc. It's also nice to just have a statement piece if you don't want to over do it. 

A while back I went to First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas with a few of my friends to check out the talent and enjoy some food. I bumped into The Dead Flux

The Dead Flux is a cool company based here in Las Vegas. I fell in love especially with the comic, luchador,and Frida Khalo Lamps they had! They would look so rad as unique, stylish home decor. They also sell Jewelry,clothing, Hair Candy, Pins, & more. Below are a few of the photos I snapped. They were very friendly at the booth too!

The have an Etsy shop that you can visit HERE and the prices are very fair in my opinion. Their little tag line is  "Where Day of the dead art & comics collide!"  

Here's the bio of the shop owner below:

"We're here to make awesome unique things , were tired of identical mass produced items, aren't you?

It all started with a bag.
I was 16 super punk rock and I was obsessed with leopard print, I started sewing leopard print on everything, cd cases, sweaters, pants, everything.
I made myself a shoulder bag in 2004 (That I STILL have to this day, and it still holds up like the day it was made!) someone asked me to make them one, and that was my first sale, the rest is history!

One thing that I love about the dead flux is that we are always changing,always evolving always getting better, that why i named my company the dead flux

1.the action or process of flowing or flowing out.

2.continuous change.

We pride our self's in recycling, up-cycling, and repurposing, we love the idea of being able to take an item that would otherwise sit in a landfill for 450+ years.
Revamp it and vavoooom now its a freaking awesome one of a kind day of the dead lamp that you can use for your day of the dead alter, or a star wars lamp for you dads man cave, the possibilities, like our imaginations are endless."

I think what they're doing is great. Make sure you check them out and follow their social media channels where they host promotions and giveaways. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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