Do You Love Robots? The Jelly Empire Kickstater!

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Hello Nubians! 

Imagine A Village Of Adorable Robots?!

I've been a fan of Selina Briggs and her Jelly Empire robot art for a long time now... I even have a few of her art pieces hanging in my home. I first discovered her 'The Jelly Empire' art a few years back at New York Comic Con. Last year at NYCC we officially met for the first time and had a nice conversation while I was in my Ghost Rider Cosplay. She's very sweet, talented and inspiring! Now we're online buddies. 

She told me a bit about her Jelly Empire which I was already smitten with (I love Robots)... They sometimes may resemble some of your favorite Super Heroes or animals, you can also follow them on their journey. Here's a short bio from her page.

‘Meet Jelly the robot.  This little robot left his home planet to explore the universe, but one day along his many travels he stumbled upon the human planet called ‘Earth’.  He found this a very curious planet and fell in love with the human Pop Culture and now spends his time trying to find his place within it.  Jelly made Earth his new home and has invited many of his fellow Robotians to join him.’

"Selina Briggs, a UK native now living in Brooklyn, N.Y USA, is the creator and artist for The Jelly Empire.  Inspired by science fiction, comics, robots and pop culture, she has always dreamed of taking over the world with robots.  Starting out as 2D illustration, her little empire has grown in to much more from comics and original art to her own line of collectible toys."

Selina is now aiming to bring her Jelly Robot out of the page and into plush! Super fun. However, plush figures can be very time consuming and expensive to make so she needs your help!  She has created a KICKSTARTER for the occasion. You can go support her and donate HERE.

Who wouldn't want this handsome fellow in their lives? 

Every time she makes plush figures for conventions they sell out the same day so it makes sense she would want to pursue this. There are a bunch of fun rewards and perks you can receive for donating money to her project (see more into HERE)

I already contributed to Selina's Kickstarter, so if you're a person who respects creative artist with a vision who work hard, I encourage you to do so too! She has 14 days left and is almost at her goal!!

Cheers and congrats in advance to Selina! I believe she'll make these awesome and has a fun journey ahead of her. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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