Amazing Comic Book Makeup and Body Paint by Kay Pike!

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Hey Nubians, 

Let's talk about Kay Pike!

I was looking at INSIDER designs Facebook page when I found Kay Pike. A 28 year old bad ass body painter. She is literally bringing comic book characters out of the pages and into the real world with her body paint. Her work is insanely detailed and it looks very animated. A lot of these look way cooler than wearing a costume. I would love to do something like this for Comic Con one year. 

If you're a fan of comicbooks you will definitely be a fan of Kay Pike. She's done kick ass characters from Captain Marvel, Poison Ivy, Robin, Deadpool and more. She has been livestreaming her work on Twitch which is awesome! It can take up to 15 hours but you get to see step by step how she does everything. The real deal, no editing or anything because it's live. It's a great learning experience and you'll also fall in love with her bubbly personality, she's fun to watch. Besides this she does modeling as a career.

Kay Pike is hoping to transform her body painting hobby into her new career and I seriously wish her the best of luck because it's out of this world. 

Photos and video via Kay Pike Instagram.

Visit her on Twitch HERE so you can see her schedule.  

Poison Ivy I painted on last time, and I am painting Again Tomorrow! I really like Pamela IRL. Ivy fights for the world itself, she is like Captain Planet... but a bit of a sociopath. :D Poison Ivy=planeteer haha.  I actually really prefer the New 52 Origin to the old one, its a little more twisted and human and convoluted. Shows she is indeed a neutral character, and ironically very human.  You'll find the animation appropriate as it refers to her M.O. *blows you a kiss* and personally my M.O., long time lurkers know what I am talking about :D This is the exact same wig I used for Starfire too~ a matilda in pumpkin from @ardawigs #poisonivy #bodypaint @ithurman @neilhimself @jimleeart @clarefoley123 @claregrant @milano_alyssa @tarastrong514 @jimmypalmiotti #redhair #yyc #calgary #bodyart @twitch @kryolanofficial @mehronmakeup @mehroncanada @sephora @bennyemakeup #mehronmakeup #kryolanofficial #mehron @wolfefaceartfx @ardacanada #makeupartistsworldwide #makeup #mua #makeupartist #comic #comicbooks #cosplay #cospaint #twitchcreative #twitch #dc #fanart @amazingmakeupart #beauty @comicbookresources  @geekfantasymagazine @comicsandcoffee @comicbookresources @geekculture @badasscosplay @epiccomicpics #wig @suicidesquadmovie #suicidesquad #ArkhamKnight #GothamCitySirens #dccomics #batman #PamelaIsley #green
A video posted by 🎨 Kay Pike 🎨 (@kaypikefashion) on

This is the Captain Planet Bodypaint I painted on Tuesday night! “We need a super hero for the Earth. Let's call him Captain Planet" No other cartoon I watched as a child has had as much impact on my day-to-day adult life. This show respected it's audience. It was a ridiculous cartoon, yes BUT it got a young persons mind thinking about more going on in the world, not just the TV in front of them. This show handles and delivered to kids way more mature topics then any got anywhere else. Disease, desolation of species, environmental impact, racism, cultural-ism, economic and political issues etc. We got SO much more out of this show then others presented to us. I like being engaged with the real world. and Captain Planet really is my hero. :) #captainplanet #planeteers #eco #ecofriendly #environment #green #planet #earth #superhero #power #retro #cartoon #90s @twitch #twitchcreative #artist  #creative #art #paint #painting  #bodyart #illusion #opticalillusion #facepaint #facepainting #mua #bodypaint #makeup @kryolanofficial #paradisemakeupaq #mehron #mehronmakeup @mehronmakeup @mehroncanada PS. So many of you were asking in stream so here a special make-up hint I made this ridiculous florescent turquoise skintone that was soooo violent and radio-active looking on camera "Captain Planet Cyan" with 1 part Paradise Teal 1 Part Lt.Blue + 4-5 parts white.
A video posted by 🎨 Kay Pike 🎨 (@kaypikefashion) on

A video posted by 🎨 Kay Pike 🎨 (@kaypikefashion) on

What do you think? Which of these looks is your favorite? 


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