Denim Diva Style & Random Facts About Jeans.

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Hey Nubians,

"I wish I could invent something like blue jeans. Something to be remembered for." -Andy Warhol

Wearing Levi jeans, Old Navy jean jacket, Ash Sneaker Wedges, H&M alien beanie. 

I love Jeans! Remember when everyone was all over the double denim trend about a year or 2 ago? I still love it! I think one of my favorite denim brands is probably Levi Strauss & Co, they're such a good pair of timeless jeans. 

Below I shall entertain you with some fun and random facts about jeans.
  1. The very first jean was the indigo color because it hid dirt better than lighter colors. It's still the preferred color amongst people. 
  2. Orange thread that Levi Strauss & co. uses for stitching of their jeans is trademarked.
  3. Blue jeans were banned in public places in the 50s such as theaters, restaurants and schools. They were seen as a form of rebellion. 
  4. Statistically, every American owns, on average, 7 pairs of blue jeans.
  5. One bale of cotton can be used to produce 225 pairs of denim jeans.
  6. About 450 million jeans are sold in U.S.A alone each year.
  7. Iconic movies such as Rebel without a Cause and The Wild One first made jeans popular with teenagers, a demographic that was only starting to emerge as a distinct group in the 1950.

You are next! I have a think for aliens ha ha. 

How do you feel about denim? How many times a week would you say you put on a good pair of jeans? I actually have to go shopping for some soon. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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