4 Must Have Fall/Winter Lipsticks.

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Kiss and Pout! 

I absolutely Love lipstick. I can go on without barely any makeup on my face, but I must have some sort of tinted lips. Every season I try to rotate my lipsticks according to the seasons. Lately I've been all about matte lips too! For Fall/Winter I enjoy using darker, deeper shades. Below please enjoy my 4 favorite lipsticks so far this month for Fall/Winter.

The lipstick brands are Avon, L.A. Girl Cosmetics, Wet N' Wild Beauty and Covergirl.


-Always moisturize before wearing lip color to avoid chapped lips and peeling skin.
-For darker colors use a lip brush to stay in the lines better.

Watch the video below to see swatches of the colors and the exact names. Subscribe to my YouTube HERE.

Avon- Berry Cute

L.A. Girl Cosmetics- Blue Valentine

Wet N' Wild Beauty - 24 Carrot Gold 

Covergirl - #50 Storm Trooper 

Which of these lip colors is your favorite? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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