New York Comic Con 2015. My Favorite Cosplay Part 1.

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Hello Nubians,

(Crazy cool Mr. Sinister cosplay)

I had so much fun this past weekend at New York Comic Con! I have a lot of interesting post lined up and I wanted to start with one featuring some of my favorite cosplay costumes I saw during the convention. From DC comics to Marvel to film and video games, it was a fascinating year.

I went to the very first New York Comic Con and it's definitely been interesting to see how it's grown in every single aspect. I didn't cosplay at the very first convention but I've been doing it for many years now. Cosplay is a beautiful thing because costumes are cool and who the hell said they can only be worn during Halloween? Cosplay allows you to celebrate things you're a fan of such as writing or art, video games, comics, films and many times you end up giving it your own twist. Cosplay also brings people together. Just like any hobby, you find people who are into it and you end up making a ton of friends and having intense conversations about how you put your looks together and what inspired you.

New York Comic Con doesn't disappoint in the cosplay department. Though there are always some days that are better than others, I always walk out with a handful of things minimum that completely blew my mind.

Enjoy the photos below, more to come soon.

Super cute Mega Man babe. 

Disney Love -Kingdom Hearts. 

Aladdin and myself as Fantastic Mrs Fox. 

Awesome rocker Harley Quinn. So in Love with that The Joker Jacket. Might try to make something similar eventually. 

I've been seeing this guy for years. Never know what to call him. Ronald Mc Thor? Thor Mc Donald? Whatever, he's great. 

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg from The Fifth Element 

Another cosplay Vet here. The great Hulkbuster. He went on to win some sort of cosplay contest during the convention. Ahead of him you'll see a pretty Psylocke.

Pretty sweet looking Hawkgirl.  

Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Baby Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Little Deadpool and Hey look that's me! Cosplaying as Ghostrider.

Poor Superman. 

Naruto fans are intense.

This Jason Voorhees meant business! Scary. 

Dark Alice In Wonderland.

Wonder Woman and Wonder Baby Girl. 

Myself as Gambit and a very awesome Carnage from Spiderman. 

Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl, Killer Frost, and Dead Shot. 

Barry Allen AKA The Flash. 

Dead Pool Party. 

Great times at the convention this year. I love to see how people step their game up every year at Comic Con. If you saw any out of this world cosplay this year at New York Comic Con please feel free to share below. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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