Halloween Dog Parade At Tompkins Square Park.

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The Halloween Dog Parade At Tompkins Square Park Was So Adorable!

I decided to head over to the Halloween Dog Parade with my sister-in-law Kaori. It was in the St Marks area and I attended with my 2 little babies Bambi and Nala. I've featured Bambi and Nala on Nubia's Nonsense a few times. I absolutely love dogs and I have a crazy obsession with my beautiful chihuahuas. I dressed them both in little pumpkin dresses and they looked so kawaii! I myself wore all black and a purple wig with a gorgeous hair piece from NicCoCo Creations.

(Myself with Nala and Bambi)

There was proud owners walking around with their awesome pups all over the place in the coolest costumes. Chihuahuas, Huskys, Pitbulls, Boxers, Yorkies, and so much more. I saw a lot of dogs dressed as lions, dinosaurs, Star Wars related costumes, and a lot of unique do it yourself costumes. All the dogs were so friendly and beautiful. Bambi and Nala enjoyed socializing with other dogs even though they were a little scared at first. It was a bit over packed but I'm still so glad I went. It was cuteness overload and if you love dogs it would absolutely melt your heart. Enjoy the photos below. 

Traditional Mexican style for this Chihuahua. Nice sombrero!

How smooth is this little guy with his sunglasses?!

I think this was a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte above ha ha very clever. 

A little cloud.

This must be a strong dog if he's carrying The Hulk on his back. 


OH-MY-GOSHHH. This little lion is everything!

Bambi and Nala a little tired after the Parade.

My outfit of the day with little Bambi. 

Remember to always love animals and make sure they have a good home. Spread that message anytime you have a chance!

What do you think about the parade? Which is your favorite costume? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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