Demi Lovato "Cool For The Summer" Video. Empowering All The Way.

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What A Beautiful Babe! 

A few years back Demi Lovato went through some personal struggles very publicly because she's a celebrity and always under a microscope. While most people get to deal with these problems privately, Demi's problems were aired out to the world. Issues such as bulimia, drug abuse, self-harm and depression landed her in rehab in 2010. I think many young women in her position would have let all of this consume them, but she has risen like a phoenix out of the ashes!

On all her social channels Demi is super encouraging to her fans and always talks about positivity and shares her journey with you on how she's been becoming healthy and happy since her visit to rehab 5 years ago. The reason I'm even talking about this is because I THINK SHE FUCKING ROCKS. You can tell SooOooOOo much how confident she is in her video. She looks gorgeous! Girl is glowing. I think she is a true role model for dealing with what most deal with behind closed doors and getting help and coming out a true winner. #GetEmGirl

The song "Cool For The Summer" is super catchy and a great Summer song to blast anywhere. It's a flirty song to dedicate to your crush or boy toy. Demi Lovato looks sexy and badass. In the video she's sporting items such as a cut out bra, leather, thigh high gladiators, slick hair, smokey eyes and more. She nailed the strong female, borderline dominatrix look. I've always enjoyed watching what she wears and how she styles herself, she's pretty daring. Most importantly, Demi looks happy and free. Neon and fun bright colors, watch the video below.

I'm all about girl power and people inspiring others. Cheers!

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