Top 5 Beautiful Braids For Spring 2015.

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Hello My Beautiful Nubian Queens and Kings!

Hairstyle can very much make or break an outfit sometimes... seriously, have you ever noticed that? If you have an a gorgeous outfit but your hair looks BLAH, none of your photos will come out looking good I guarantee it! Nice cool hair is absolutely something you should always keep up with.

During Spring/Summer braids seem to be quite the lifestyle. For the most part braiding is easy and if you don't know have to make a specific braid, you can view one of the thousand tutorials up on YouTube (sheesh even I have some HERE). Also, a lot of braids can add cool texture to your hair and quite frankly they're just very fun!

Below see some photos for your viewing pleasure and inspiration of some of my favorite braids for this season.

Cage Herringbone Braid.

As seen in the Suno Spring 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week, here you have the Cage Herringbone braid. It looks like an exaggerated fishtail braid and is elegant and beautiful. Photo via.

Milkmade Braid. 

The Milkmaid braid never seems to go out of style for me. I find it very flattering towards most face shapes and you can stick in a few flowers in your hair to make it look like a crown, divine! Photo via

The Low Bun Braid

Incorporating a braid on top of a bun or around a bun is definitely a stand out hairstyle and fairly simple to achieve. The looks very gracious styled while wearing a dress for an event or gala. Photo via

Messy French Braid.

I find messy braids to be very sexy! This messy french braid can easily be achieved by grabbing more ad more hair as you braid. Also *tip* Any braid that you know how you do will look a lot more edgy if you just mess it up a bit and make it look a little crazy. Photo via

The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is one of my favorites because you can play around with it so much to make it look different and it's sooooo easy to do. I love how in the photo above its fishtail/pigtails, very cute and dainty. I would say the fishtail is almost as easy to do as a traditional 3 strand braid for me. Photo via

Anyways kiddies, I hope these photos inspired you to go out there and achieve some cool braid hair styles of your own. Trust me, don't get intimidated! It looks a lot harder than it really is sometimes. 

Which one of these is your favorite? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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