Quick Fix Hair Curls.

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Hello Nubians,

I just wanted to share this quick hair tutorial I posted on my instagram today for some fun curls in minutes. Being that us business women are always on the run it's hard to look great everyday, sometimes we need to prep ahead of time

How To Achieve These Curls

What you'll need: Foam rollers and a wave boar bristle brush you can find at your local beauty supply store.

Step 1: For these Farrah Fawcett -esque curls you'll have to use your rollers to roll your hair outward away from you face the night before. You'll have to sleep with these rollers on which in my opinion isn't that uncomfortable at all because they're foam. The tighter you curl them the more volume you'll have the next morning. 

Step 2: When you wake up, take out your rollers and brush your hair out with the boar bristle brush. This brush won't destroy your curls but rather add texture and volume to your hair. Get creative with how you brush it out for volume. 

Step 3: Run your finger through it and organize the curls. If you'd like you can add some spray for hold (personally I don't, still last fine for me.) Then Wala! Look achieved. 

This process when you wake up should take you no more than 10 minutes. Ideal for us working gals am I right?!

Watch my instagram video below for a brief tutorial and follow me on instagram here => http://instagram.com/NubiasNonsense

Xo Nubia Xo

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