New Hair! Back to a Pretty Bleach Blonde.

by - 3:28 AM

Hey Nubians,

Lately I've been running around a lot so my hair was pretty busted. I let my roots grow out WAY TOO LONG and was hiding them the best that I could by styling my hair certain ways.

I moved to Vegas from NYC for a while and couldn't fly back in time to visit my amazing stylist from the The Pewter Club Barber Spa in Jersey. Luckily my friend Jasmin know another amazing stylist right here in Vegas and she did Magic on my hair!

I've been trying to go back to a nice bleach blonde and I'm almost fully there which is such a relief! Even though I totally loved my RED phase, it stained my hair a lot and was hard to get out.

I'm so happy and smitten with this look and the way she blew my hair out. 

The awesome lady who did my hair is Malory Mendonsa and she works at Josephine Skaught Hairdressing in Downtown Vegas. To see more awesome looks done by Malory, follow her on instagram HERE

Do you like it? Yay or Nay? Constructive honesty is welcome :)

Xo Nubia Xo

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