My Little Pony Brony.

by - 4:58 PM

Hey Nubians,

It's been a delight to enjoy the beautiful weather. Feeling the warm sun on your skin and the soft breeze flowing through your hair, it's good stuff. Working from outside can also be quite refreshing.

Those of you who've read my blog for sometime know that I can get very animated and colorful. I like to make outfits fun and when I wear something like this, it almost makes me smile almost every time I look in the mirror. Who doesn't love My Little Pony?! Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Gilda, I could go on forever.

I've always loved the color purple too. It's the color of royalty and it also happens to be the color of my birthstone amethyst. I think I look like a Brony's dream girl in this outfit.

Wearing: Leggings from WeLoveFine, Shoes from CityClassified, Top from H&M. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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