Homage to the White Tee.

by - 2:55 PM

Hello Nubians, 

Spring is amongst us and Summer is right around the corner, getting dressed can be extremely annoying sometimes. For this reason I'd like to highlight my LOVE for the white tee, you're go to item for SS14. 

The white tee has been popular since the early 1900's. It's had its Hollywood debut around the 1950's with menswear and I think the ladies back in the day worldwide swooned when James Dean sported one in "Rebel Without a Cause" Now-a-days it's an extremely popular item worn by both men and women. 

You can work anything in your wardrobe around a white tee. This can make those annoying, hot and humid days in your life a lot easier, it's the simplistic center piece of many, many cute-to-boot looks. 

Top 3 tips in styling a white tee without making your outfit boring. 
  • Wear hot colors. 
  • Rock cool patterns. 
  • Accessorize 

From dressing it up to dressing it down, the white tee is your friend.

Hope this post helped make your life a little easier. Toodles my darlings.

Xo Nubia Xo

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