Roy Lichtenstein Inspiration: New York Comic Con 2013 Day 1

by - 11:21 PM

Hey Nubians,

OH JOY! The excitement of the first day of New York Comic Con 2014 was upon me again today. I didn't have much time to plan my cosplay (costume play) out how I originally wanted to so I looked on the interwebs for something to inspire me. As I was walking around my room I walked by a POP ART book I had and a light bulb instantly lit up in my head Roy Lichtenstein! Mr. Popular in the 1960s art scene right up there with Andy Warhol. I immediately thought what a great DIY costume this would be.

I had originally planned to do the make-up on my own but my friend Mary designer of gla.MAR.ous clothing told me should would be stopping by Comic Con and would love to do it for me... What a relief for me! I through on my Stop Staring Red Polka dot dress and through on a wig i purchased yesterday at a Halloween Pop up Shop and BAM! there you go my friends.

It was pretty popular as I went around and got stopped for photos by a lot of people so I'm super stoked they liked the costume as much as I did.

The beginning, haha.

 Hope you enjoyed the look! if you have any questions, drop them in the comment box below.

Xo Nubia Xo

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