The French Manicure.

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Yesterday I went to Wall Street to visit Duane Reade. I actually love getting my nails done there! Strange right? You wouldn't think of Duane Reade as a place to get your nails done but it's AWESOME and I prefer it to a lot of nail salons I've been to. If you happen to visit, you should get them done by Siokoey, she's a sweety!

(My nails above) 

Anyway, I usually lean towards fun, colorful and crazy designs but decided to go with a simple french manicure this time. Did you know Manicures are about 5,000 years old and that french manicures specifically were used in Paris and very popular during the 1920's and 1930's? This is what Wikipedia does to me. It simply looks classy and very polished to me... I needed a change.

I got Gel Extensions for the first time ever. I'm curious to find out how long they last and if I like them more than acrylic. Most people say Gel is way healthier than acrylic but other beg to differ. I hope they are better for 2 reasons... 1) I don't want my nails getting those annoying dents like they did with acrylic and 2) They are about double the price of acrylic. 

I plan to keep these for a while and then go back to my colorful and vibrant ways. I decided to go with the square shape because I was growing a bit tired of the super pointy cat shape already.

I do have one piece of advice to give when it comes to nails...

Keep them polished! I don't care what color, if they're real or not, it does not matter just keep them polished! Don't bite them either! Fight your nail biting demons. It may shock you the amount of times people look at your hands and when they look sloppy you look sloppy #JustKeepinItReal. If you work in an office all day that's A LOT. Do you shake hands? Do you hand money to people when you pay for something? I didn't used to care so much but as I get older I care more and more.

I have to run but before I do... What your favorite nail trend? Color or shape.

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  1. I have to keep my nails polished otherwise I will bite them! These look nice! But I am not sure that gel is safer than acrylic, I would think that it is just as harmful to your nails as acrylic. I like having them on for a while gets pretty annoying but then again, trying to grow out your own and keep them healthy and not breaking can also be tedious!

    xo Michelle

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    1. Yes it can all be very tedious and takes a lot of maintenance. I am not sure which is healthier for you. I do think they're both harmful to some extent but I have heard great things about the Gel. It's my first time so I'll keep you all posted =)

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Xx Nubia


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