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Hello my beautiful Nubians,

I didn't do it up so much at my prom so when I  heard about Prom Girl's Annual Fashion Show Extravaganza you could imagine my utter excitement. Over a coffee date with Tineey we were talking about Prom and decided to do this fun "Getting Ready For Prom" project together. We thought it was a fun way to do something fun and useful for our readers while getting to relive prom at the same time! I went to the Prom Girl Soiree event and it made me think back to my prom and how I didn't care much about getting ready back then, which made me feel inspired to do this. 

Make sure to watch both of our videos as we walk you through hair, make-up and the whole getting ready process! You may not feel this way now, I know I didn't care one bit about prom when I was a teenager but TRUST ME, you will value the memories in the future... I wish I had more.


Outfit: I wore "Primavera" thanks to Prom Girl. I was immediatly attracted to the beauty in the details and exposed back.  

Such cute gift bags! Always wear your invisible Crown.

Doesn't Tineey look like such a hottie in her dress?! A lovely decision and her behalf and great color.

Pretty models in their prom dresses backstage and tons of candy! My talented friend Lacee Swan was also doing live illustration of the guest at the show.
Gifs are so much fun haha! Love these. We were enjoying this night and being silly hot babes. 

I had a nice time and got to relive prom again! It was a fab night indeed.

Make sure you drop by Tineeys blog HERE to see her video and take on the night.

Xo Nubia Xo

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