New Years Eve Beauty Tips.

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Hello my dear Nubians!

Today is Christmas Eve and I couldn't help but thinking about what's next, NEW YEARS!! So much excitement. I was thinking about what I'm going to wear to welcome the New Year and how I'll be styling my hair and doing my makeup It has to look flawless so I don't look majorly drunk. I still have no idea what I'm wearing but when it comes to hair and makeup I came to these conclusions.

Hair and Makeup: Kick it up a Notch! Do something a little bit out of the usual. Welcoming change is good! I would suggest a unique up-do, crazy/insane curls, or jet straight hair.

Makeup: Go loud and sparkly but don't look like a clown. I usually have a "Bold lips, light eyes" policy or "Bold eyes, neutral lips" BUT you can mix them up a bit An example of something a bit fun and New Years worthy is the look below.

The hair is a bit playful, you may even say Chun Li inspired but you can totally dress is up if you wear the right accessories or dress. I'm wearing it with a lovely tear drop gla.MAR.ous headband to glam it up and Sorelli earrings.

When it comes to makeup, I decided RED LIPS. I am obsessed with red lips! When it comes to holidays or special occasions I'm usually sporting them. The color I'm wearing here is by Revlon.

For the eyes, I would usually not do much but since it's for New Years Eve we must glam it up! I did a double cat eye which gives off an egyptian beauty vibe and I used my Lisi Cosmetics silver sparkle eye liner to fill in the gap.

Besides that I did basic stuff: Bronzer, filled in brows a bit etc.

I hope this post helped out a bit and inspired you to play around with your looks. If you have any specific questions about products I used, drop a comment below.


Xo Nubia Xo 

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  1. looking stunning as always!
    bit late seeing this but at least im in time to wish you a fabulous 2013! x


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