Short Shorts

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Hey everyone!

So I've been a tad bit behind on blogging this week... (what else is new) However, I have a perfectly reasonable excuse, I moved! We all know moving is a pain in the ass. I'm still in Queens, NY but I have a tad bit more space and a way bigger kitchen =) I'm excited for cool photos and such. I'm still setting up my internet service, hopefully I can get that done asap and then blogging will be back to normal.

The red hair is starting to grow on me. I seem to be getting a lot of compliments on it lol which makes me think it can't possibly be that horrible, strangers usually don't go out of there way to lie. I LOVE it. I'm starting to get used to doing my makeup a tad bit different and putting my outfits together and looking at color differently.

The tried the frappe over at Mc Donalds the other day.. Pretty tasty, reminded me of a Starbucks frap.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, Aerosole shoes, Vintage purchase, Misc lace top, H&M shorts.

What's everyone been up to this week? New hair, New apt, Hooray for new beginnings! You can do it too.

 Xo Nubia Xo

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