Be Relentless with Kmart and Protege Sneakers.

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So... the other day I was going through my inbox and started reading about Kmart's nicely priced sneaker line Protege available for boys and men. What caught my eye about this line as of late, was a video by renowned music video director Clifton Bell inspired by the back to school line.

The video shows the trials, tribulations and sacrifices a 4 year old boy makes chasing after his dream to become a basketball superstar. When I tell you this video is adorable I mean ADORABLE... So adorable I actually forwarded it to a few friends I know with baby boys because it was inspirational and left me with a smile on my face, I kid you NOT! I personally found the video can be relatable to a variety of age groups as most of us strive to reach our goals at any age. This boy was running, lifting weights, it was legit.

The significance of the Protege sneakers in the video, or at least the message I think most people will get out of it, is that the sneakers are imperative for him to have. They help him move forward. They're durable, dependable, and won't let him down. They play a key role in his journey to greatness. Honestly, with the price tag they carry, they're hard to resist especially with back to school craze.

Protege also created a unique Facebook application where you can design you own MVP card! Pretty rad don't you think? You can check it out HERE.

Here is the infamous video I spoke of. Check it out for your motivational boost of the day.

Are you Relentless?

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