ReFashioner (RE)Launch

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Punch Drunk Fashion? Fashion, Violence and Drinks? Say what? Don't mind me. Anywho...

My lovely friends over at SmallGirls were hosting the launch of the ReFashioner site. It was a boxing/fashion event... Yeah so you could imagine my curiosity to check it out.  I went with my friend Debie and we had an awesome time. We enjoyed some drinks, boxing, and glam girls getting down in the ring.

ReFashioner started out as a clothing swap site but is now offering consignment. "Couture, vintage, sustainability and fash fun". The site is pretty, I like websites that are easy on the eyes... Maybe it's because I work in social media and it makes it a WAY more enjoyable experience for me. DAMN YOU TO HELL messy websites/stores. Anywho, Check out Refashioner's sweet page HERE.

Boxing: Keisher 'Fire' McLeod vs Heather Hardy

Fashion Battle: Dovima vs Traina

Look at Debie up there looking all cute.

Wearing: KRT Tee, Dolce Vita Shoes, Vintage Shorts, Ali Snapback

Did I mention the event was held at the famous Gleasons gym in Brooklyn? Where Ali has trained and many movies have used the gym as well. Like a little piece of history.

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