Jeremy Scott Fall 2012

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I was unable to attend Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 this season, but it was with great anitcipation that I followed via Twitter and other social networks.

I'm not going to give a very detailed review... I'm going to give a rather simple one instead.

My review of Jeremy Scott Fall 2012

Vibrant/Funky Colors- 
Cool cartoon or comic book tribute-  ✓ (Bartman)
Sexiness all over- 
Awesome hair and makeup- 
A bit of a jaw dropper- 
Scandolous pieces I would wear in a heartbeat- 

Well that pretty much sums it up for me. Homer would be proud (hehe). There's a unicorn on a dress! A DAMN UNICORN. It's like Lisa Frank  on shrooms exploded on the runway... Atleast I see some Lisa Frank-esque inspiration.

If someone gave me black Bartman outfit, (3rd photo) I would love you forever by the way #JustSayin.

 Collage made by me, Photos via.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Awesome hair & makeup for sure. I really like the sweater dress.


  2. I live for Jeremy Scott and love his collections! This one is so fun and if someone gave me that Bartman sweater we would be friends forever!! lol


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