Betsey Johnson After Party Fall 2012

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Hey! Hey! Making a quick post to check in. Things have been so busy lately and I feel very blessed.

Last week I hopped on over to the Betsy Johnson after party with my friend Mary. I met my friend Jasmin there from Vintage Vandalizm who was with some of her friends and we all had a blast! 

Wearing: Vintage Jacket, Lucky Brand Jeans, Traffic Combat boots, Betsy Johnson Purse

Beautiful view from the Stone Rose Lounge at the Time Warner building and a pretty dope crowd as well.

Love these Ladies!

Just Dance!

I guess you can call us Cool Kids haha.

Well lookie here, Betsey at the DJ booth telling us to Rock ON and Live Our Lives. Shes Amazing, Inspirational and a beautiful person.

I had such a great time. The DJ as playing a great mix of pretty much everything from oldies to 90's hip-hop. When I heard ODB my heart stopped.

Special Shout out to Jasmin for provided a lot of these pictures. Make sure to check her post out HERE.

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