Red Denim and Booties

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In between working on things and running around, I had time to take some outfit shots! Fun stuff kiddies. I've been excited and thinking and February.

My Birthday is next Friday, February 3rd. I don't plan on doing anything big this year... don't know why, I guess I'm just caught up with life's trials and tribulations, a decent dinner will suffice.

On another note something I'm more excited about is doing my hair! As you can see my roots are growing in and I was thinking...I want to do all blonde just like I had before with colored tips. Remember my Teal/Greenish tips. Now I'm thinking about doing red or purple or blue... Honestly, I'm leaning towards RED.

Wearing: Mossimo boots, Material Girl Purse, Nautica Sunglasses, Old Navy Denim Jacket, H&M faux fur stole around my hips, Aldo earrings, Hot Topic Jeans

Wearing my faux fur stole as a mini dress was cute. It added nice texture and volume to the outfit.

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  1. I love it when girls dip dye their hair. I would so love see it in red because most girls dye it blue or green.

  2. My birthday is February 2nd! Happy early birthday.

  3. this definitely so 80s and madonna. you also remind ofthis mexican rock start that was pretty big in the 80s. she was kind of mexicos madonna.

    1. Hey sweets long time no speak. Haha what was her name?

  4. gotta love the red! just a heads up reds fade quickly to brassy orange.... if you're not so into that i would stick to pink!

    1. Hmmm I might do like a one month Manic Panic Kind of thing... Thank you =)


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