My Skydiving Experience

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I went skydiving over the weekend and it was a out of this world experience. It's not really one you can describe... I just wanted to stay in the sky, soaring... I didn't want to come back down, SERIOUSLY.

My instructor was really cool. When I told him "Don't kill me" he said "No promises" haha, comforting right? He was making me laugh the whole time and giving me advice about life and his experiences. It was a good talk. When it was time and we approached the door on the planes, I looked down and couldn't believe how high I was! The trees and houses looked like little toys on some sort of board game. It was time.

When we jumped...

It was INSANE. It was a sick adrenaline trip. I felt the wind slapping my face like I fucked it over . I almost couldn't breathe at first and found myself concentrating on catching my breath. Yelling helps you breathe better and there was a whole lot of that going on. You look at life differently up there. Everything looks so amazingly beautiful. It almost makes you feel like you don't really appreciate the ground every day while you walk on it. Like everything in life... I think you sometimes have to step away to truly value and analyze what you have. I loved every waking moment of it. It was liberating and helps you put your life in perspective a bit.

Every detail counts. Something I found special was what you think about. I love my readers but I'll be keeping those thoughts private for now. But you know what I mean right? What did you think about when you were up there flying? Who? Who did you want to call when you landed? You know... That kind of stuff.

Enjoy the video and photos.

Xo Nubia Xo

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