Revlon Just Bitten.

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I love lip gloss, but it could get messy for everyday use especially if you have a significant other who doesn't want his lips rubbing up against your sticky ones all the time. This day in age however, when I have nothing on my lips, I feel like they're pale and boring. For this reason I decided to try lip stain.

This "Revlon/Just Bitten" lip stain color "Passion" comes with color on one end and a balm on the other end. It really looks like you were just bitten! A nice pinch of color that leaves your lips looking natural and rosy.

My only complaint would be that I don't find it as easy to apply the product to my upper lip as it is to my bottom lip. Once the color is on, I just wait for it to dry and then apply the balm. It last for a decent amount of hours also!

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