IFB Conference: New York and London

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Heya there Lovely NN readers!

I wanted to share some thoughts about the IFB conference. I love IFB. I've been going to the events before the actual conferences, when they were just awesome, entertaining networking parties. Watching it grow into what it is today is beyond fantastic and being part of it now is pretty sweet! Jennine, Myself and the rest of the IFB team have been hard at work to bring you an amazing conference. It's interesting being behind the scenes for the first time... I can't give away any details as much as I'd like to (hehe) but I promise you it will be GRAND.

Panel Discussions

Evolution of Fashion Media
  • Gone are the days when fashion media was all about glossy magazines and red carpet photos. As mainstream media moves online, how do blogs differentiate themselves from fashion sites? This panel--an IFB Conference first--will touch on this and more.

Bloggers Tool Kit
  • Learn how to promote yourself through social media and find out which metrics work best for bloggers. Are Twitter and Facebook really all that effective? Find out here.

Is the Social Media Business broken?
  • Critics say that social media is dying ,but perhaps it's just broken. This panel will discuss the role bloggers play in the social media landscape and what the future holds for this rapidly-changing form of media.

Balancing Act: Business & Blogging
  • Need tips on how to approach brand partnerships gracefully? We've got you covered. We'll be discussing the relationship between PR/Marketing/Advertising and bloggers, as well as delving into the subject of ethical blogging practices.

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The first EVER IFB conference in London! SAY WHAT? You said "Bring it" and it's been broughten!" (hahaha super corny movie reference... Gosh my writing isn't THAT bad)

Panel Discussions

Influence: Real or Fabricated
  • The term "influence" is being used a lot lately. But what does it actually mean? Stop by this discussion to learn influence is measured and how bloggers can capitalize on its value.

Are blogs just "mood boards"?
  • Bloggers often draw criticism for not creating enough original content and fostering a "culture of curation." Learn how to set yourself apart from other bloggers and enhance your work with individuality.

Bloggers Inc., How Blogging can Shape your Career
  • Do you dream of turning your blog into a full-time gig? Learn how other bloggers have transformed their hobby into a career and gain insight on where the profession is headed.

Ticket Information: PURCHASE HERE

A BIG Thanks to these sexy, fly ladies for being on the flyer. Jasmin from Vintage Vandalizm, Sammy from Sammy Davis Vintage and Jenni from I Spy DIY.

Hope to see a lot of you there and looking forward to meeting so many of you for the first time!

Xo Nubia Xo

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