French Braid Tutorial

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Hello darlings,Link
Word around town is I'm the braiding queen! I twist and twirl so much I'd make anyone dizzy haha I kid, I kid... But seriously I do love braids and I'm pretty good at doing a variety of them. Last week I did a french braid a lot of you enjoyed and that makes me happy to share. Below upon request, I attempted to make a video tutorial and show you how I accomplished the braid in the photo below.

Hopefully it was understandable. Watch it 2 or 3 times if you have to! That's hw I've learned a lot of my hair and make-up tricks. Don't forget to subscribe to my Nub-Tub if you like =)

Let me know if you have any request!

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Very cool thanks for the tutorial. You've motivated me to go ahead and try different things to my hair which I suck at.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  2. Too cute! you've got great talent!

  3. oo i'm gonna try this! hopefully my hair is long enough!


  4. great tutorial! i just wish my hair was as long as yours to do it! even when i had long hair i never braided it! but i will definitely watch this over again once my hair is braidable lol!

  5. You know what I love your lips!! I want the same! and of course your hair is cool too that way!

  6. Your hair looks great!...I love braiding up for the days when I just want my hair up up and away :-)

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  7. ok, I will try this, even tho maybe my hair is too short. you look great in these photos, I really like your makeup palette.

  8. Girrrlll you still need to do my hair! haha

  9. This is great and really helpful! I'm still trying to teach myself to french braid and do a fishtail. Also- your eye makeup in this post is fantastic.


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