Let it Snow

by - 8:18 PM

Hey Lovies,

I hope all of you that got hit by the snow are keeping your booty's warm. This is the perfect weather to bundle up with some classic movies and just sip on some hot cocoa. Today is definitely a day to stay home. I went downstairs for a bit with George to enjoy the snow.

Wearing Vintage sweater and earrings, H&M pants and faux fur collar, Bucco military boots

There is seriously nothing better than a big chunky over-sized sweater on a cold winter day. So warm and soothing.

Hanging out with my snow-man homie
George's Jordan jump ha ha

Thanks for reading! A big fat juicy kiss to all my readers.
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Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Looks like you are enjoying the snow! Hope the blizzard in NY hasn't left you too cold :) Did you have a divine holiday?? I sure hope so!


  2. I love the sweater.

    I heard about the heavy snow in the east coast. Hope you're staying warm!


  3. Love this :) You look like your having fun, and great song choice!! xx

  4. The weather looks like so much fun. And you're bundled up really stylishly. The jumper is cool and looks so warm.

  5. woooow

    lovely your look honey!!!
    Very cuteee <33


  6. I loooove the jumping shots! You look so chic and happy!

  7. your hair looks so great here!

  8. Nice photos! I love classic movies, I will do just that this evening: watch a good classic movie.

  9. Love your jumper and fur collar! Great outfit!

  10. That sweater is PERFECT! Wonderful styling for the snowstorm. Keep warm :-)

  11. Love the vintage sweater, looks so warm! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  12. really amazing photoz..wish it was snowing here~

  13. OH I love those snowy pics. I'm not the biggest fan of snow but it's pretty to look at and I love winter clothes.

  14. So lovely snowy pics! :)

    Have fun, Lena!


  15. Oh! I like it! Your nails look pretty and so do you! :) Happy holidays!

  16. hi!!do you speak spanish?? where are you from???
    Gracias por pasarte por mi blog, el tuyo es genial. The header it's so cool!! kissess

  17. hei, thanks for you lovely comment.
    Was very nice that you did, different...Teal is my favorite color, i just love it.
    Happy New Year ♥


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