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And the question of the week is.....

A few days ago, I was one of many bloggers who received an email from the fabulous Tony Wang. Not only is his blog fantastic, but he has been working on a very interesting project.

Tony is a program producer at YouTube and now he is also the lead at Google for their internal fashion Project. Tony is working with Google to give bloggers an opportunity to help Google grow in their Fashion Department. Google themselves are aware that digital trends in Fashion Like Social Media and Live Streaming are indicators of mass market trends that affect the general population. Google wants to Augment it's current relationship with fashion to help bloggers, and individuals involved in the industry (designers, retailers).

There is so much more, but I'll let Tony fill you in with the details. If you want to learn more about this project and what doors it might open for you, just follow Tony on twitter and send him an @reply stating your interest in the project.

If you are a blogger and you love Fashion DO NOT HESITATE and spread the word!

P.S Go check out his blog Post.Fashionism HERE. Mr Wang has pretty dashing style! He also covers great events and trends.

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