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My brother stumbled upon these 2 sites that he thought I'd be interested in. Poorly Dressed People and If Shoes Could Kill are rather amusing.

Poorly Dressed People has some of the worse outfits I have ever seen! It's a cool site to on if you need a good laugh, and trust me I needed the laugh today. Not everything is horrible but the high majority is not very "trendy". They also happen to have some pretty kick ass hair cuts and styles ha ha, you'll see what I mean.

If Shoes Could kill has a variety of exaggerated shoes. I actually like some of them. Some of them of course are horribly ridiculous and seriously make me wonder...

I took the liberty of borrowing some pictures from their pages for your amusement so... ENJOY! and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Fashion Fail - Hope Someone Kicks Him in the Head
Fashion Fail - Half Inch Inseam
Crazy Shoes - Hey! Quit Walking on my <span class=
Fashion Fail - <span class=
Crazy Shoes - <span class=
Fashion Fail - <span class=
crazy shoe photos - I Wear These Around Campsites to Freak Out the Kids
Fashion Fail - <span class=
crazy shoe photos - Hamster Exploitation
Bad Hair - Really into her power animal
Crazy Shoes - We Choose You <span class=
Bad, Hair - <span class=
<span class=

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