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Hey Guys!

Just posting these two outfits I wore last week while running around to dinners and events. As I am typing I'm looking out my window at this craptacular snow! When I was younger I use to love snow and well I still do sometimes, but as you get older it ruins a lot of plans. I've had to cancel 2 trips to Atlantic City because of this already! That my friends is very NOT cool!

On to brighter topics, Spring is right around the corner (woohoo!). I can't wait to bring out awesome boyfriend blazers and cute rompers to my neighborhood streets. Also I think I've decided my spring makeup trend will be bold brows and bold lips, I'm thinking of going light on the eyes.

On to even brighter things, I'd like to thank Audrey Allure for tagging me with the "Gorgeous Ladies Of Blogging" Award. She's a sweety, you should all check her site out if you haven't already.
I'd like to pass it down to the following Ladies
Style Amor
Midtown Girl
Wendy B
Cafe Fashionista
So Real
District of Chic

What are you looking forward to for Spring trends? Clothing, Make-up, Hair? I'm contemplating on doing something different with my hair. It's so long I'm sort of afraid to chopping it all off haha maybe just a different cut?

Wearing Bev Boutique boots, Forever 21 wife beater and cardigan, H&M light jacket, DIY distressed shorts, Loop clutch, gla.MAR.ous Alina headband.

Cool Loop purse my brother gave me as a birthday gift above. I love the detail.

Wearing We Love Colors thigh highs, Quipid shoes, Forever 21 shorts and wife beater, gla.MAR.ous Emma headband, Misc purse, Helium hoodie

P.S. I purchased an AMAZING Lancome lip gloss yesterday. I'll totally do a product review on it later this week. Its an astonishing, girly, powerful, cute color if that makes sense?

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  1. You look so gorgeous in these pics Nubia!

  2. I love your hair and make-up like that--you look gorgeous! I also love the purse (both of them, actually) :)

  3. Love the yellow shoes with the yellow bag and the socks!

  4. I love the colour pops in the second outfit, but my favourite item is your rose headband!


  5. loving the red bag, great gift, and i really like how you styled the second outfit

  6. Aw, thank you. You totally deserve it - you are gorgeous! Love both outfits. I can't wait to wear dresses in the spring without worrying about being too cold! haha

  7. very cool!!! love the 2nd outfit bright color-combo! xx

  8. These looks are so much fun, I especially like the last one!
    Have a fun weekend!


  9. Awww....you look so colorful like a rainbow!
    This is a cute and playful outfit.
    Congrats by the way on the award, sweetie!

  10. ah you look awesome in these pictures!
    I love your headband supercute!

  11. I LOVE the yellow shoes! Gorgeous outfit Actually i'm loving all yellow things at the moment, i think it's to make up for the lack of sunshine & spring!!

  12. I love the gold toes on those boots and i love how you combined the yellow with the turqoise. very catching!!!

    This has definately been an interesting winter. There never seems to be consistency from winter to winter. can't say that i envy you!!!

  13. Beautiful pics! And very cute headband :) Don't you dare cut your hair short... You have some gorgeous locks!

  14. hey guys,

    glad you all like the headband I love it!

    @themaddychronicles: thank you, I'm sort of scared to cut it lol but I'm so bored with it. I don't know what to do!

  15. oh my goodness! Both pairs of these shoes are incredible!!

  16. congrats on the awards - you look so chic, darling!

  17. oh ps: come enter the alice in wonderland giveaway on my blog! xo

  18. Those boots are so so fabulous. I'm a sucker for cowboy boots!

  19. Congrats on your award! You deserve it!! I love your style, Nubia! Your outfit just get better and better :)

  20. the teal and the yellow is so great together!

    i bought some MAC lip gloss that i am pretty excited abt...it's called oversexed!

  21. I love the yellow accent!!! The shoes and the bag are so adorable. I really love the purse, it's so such a cute find.

  22. First, hello, nobody, nobody, nobody deserves the GLOB award more than you - congratulations, darling! And thank you so much for passing it along to me - you're the sweetest!!

    Ohmigosh the Alina Headband, the Bev Boutique Boots, the Qupid Shoes...honestly, it's almost too much. I am so obsessed. Your style is truly the most amazing I have ever seen - and I love the way it changes on a daily basis. Your looks never fall into a rut, they just keep on evolving. Love, love!

    I'm most excited about...nude/blush tones, rompers, and lots of stripes. And don't you dare chop all your hair off, my love!!!! :)

  23. I love both outfits, but the second one is jaw-droppingly wonderful in color! The teal socks with BRIGHT YELLOW shoes are complete love.

    And once I get any free time at all, I should catch up on my must-see movie list. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  24. I love that hairband on you! And those shoes coupled up with the ever so in now knee highs... delicious!

  25. Your outfit is so beautiful and you look stunning!


  26. First, congrats on the award! You totally deserve it because you ARE gorgeous and your blog is fabulous. :)

    I love both outfits. The boots in the first outfit are amazing. Plus, you are so pretty in red! And your tights in the second outfit are so cute and fit perfectly with those bright yellow shoes! xoxo

  27. Love those green tights, darling!
    You look gorgeous!

    And congrats on your award!


  28. nubia- i'm in love with all your shoes in these shots! the boots and that color yellow on you-- gorgeous. :) hope you're having a great week so far...

  29. i'm loving both these outfits. the green tights are rad. xx

  30. love the red head band!! love both outfits :)
    vicki x

  31. Ooh girl, I love that red headband and your yellow shoes! :) Congrats on your award!

  32. I love that top and even better that it's from Japan, somewhere I am itching to fly out to and explore!

  33. Gorgeous outfit! I love the color of the top!

  34. you hair is glorious! love the shoes and the gorgeous layer underneath your skirt.

  35. Tullleeee!!! so in love.. gorgeous pics!

  36. oopppsss- wrong pics- okay. So I love the tights shoes and clutch- the color combo is ecletic and chic.


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