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Lady Gaga is AMAZING! I just love her charisma, courage, and chic ways. I must admit there has been more then enough times when I think to myself "WTF is she thinking!?!" But I guess that's just part of her charm.

I'm really liking those bunny ears. I would love to have a pair and I'm highly thinking about it. Isn't her blazer stunning? ruffles+square shoulders, two things I'm totally obsessing over lately. Her September 09 cover of NEO2 is striking. I like the touch her purple hair and lips give the black ensemble.

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  1. Ever since the Louis Vuitton bunny ears ive been quite obsessed with bunny ears.

  2. i really want myself some bunny ears.
    miss gaga's ears totally remind me of those lace tops in topshop

  3. love it darling! I dont like carrots either, always looking at my blackberry (crackberry for a reason) & I am never satisfied either.

    Much <3.
    See you soon! xo

  4. haha this is great! i am so obsessed with everything fashion/art-wise that lady gaga does. she's amazing. did you see her coat made entirely of 'kermit the frog' puppets? it was ridiculous.


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  6. Thanks for your sweet comments. I'm glad you like my blog. I love the gaga effect!

  7. you know how i feel about L Gaga but i love this.
    just a heads up, i have been watching South Park incessantly for the past 2 months. if you are interested in the Simpsons the new season is spectacular

  8. Love the head accessories!! and thx for your comment on Kira :)


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